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When The Practice Of Medicine Becomes The Business Of Medicine. Doctors Business Network is here to help!

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Setting up and managing a medical practice can be daunting! Health practitioners who make the decision to strike out on their not only need to fund their businesses but also need to find an office space, vet and hire capable staff, purchase the necessary technology and equipment, as well as devote time and resources to a host of other responsibilities. Doctors Business Network was created to provide everything needed to establish, manage and grow a health practitioners practice. We provide an array of services for our members including office and medical supplies discounts, a competitive marketplace for suppliers to compete for your business, a free marketing assistance resource, discounted CME training, health job listing, up to date health industry news, and a Video Q& A  library of answers/solutions to all your health practitioner business questions. We are always developing new services and continually looking for additional services to offer our members.

Check out our services below and see how DBN can help establish and grow your practice!

Practice Setup

Practice-SetupDBN gives you detailed step by step, written and video instructions for setting up, managing and growing your practice! Everything you need to succeed! Doctors Business Network makes it easier than ever to tackle the seemingly gargantuan task of setting up your new practice. With our simple step by step instructions, and the propriety DBN Video Q&A Library, getting the ball rolling and setting up your practice is as easy as ever!

DBNU Video Library

VideoLibraryDBN has compiled a vast library of over 100 videos covering many topics relating to starting, managing and running your business! So if you have questions regarding if you should incorporate, use in-house medical billing or outsourcing or simply need advise on retirement planning the DBNU Video Library has the answers! We are continually adding content so if there is something you can’t find or would like to see please let us know!


DiscountsDBN has partnered with 50 plus vendors who have agreed to offer Doctors Business Network members Coupons for 100s of specials and discounts. With over 50 companies participating there are many products and services to choose from! If you are in need of scrubs, general medical supplies, office supplies or even an accounting service the DBN Coupons offers deals them all. We are always adding to the vendors list so check back to see the latest coupons!


MarketplaceThe DBN Marketplace offers health practitioners a competitive marketplace to purchase 1000s of medical products. Vendors of all types post their products so you can shop and compare for the best deal possible! If you are shopping for a sterilizer or a surgical lamp the DBN Marketplace has it all! Choose from a list of sizes, shapes, uses and prices to grab the best deal for your use. Save money and time and enjoy piece of mind knowing you got the best deal available!


CMEDBN has vetted the very best Continuing Medical Education (CME) providers available. Now you can choose from a variety of courses online, video courses or live courses knowing you are choosing from the very best available! So if you are a Anesthesiologist, Chiropractor, Urologist or General Practice DBN has options for you all in one place! No more hunting on the internet for the best CME service. DBN has it all figured out for you!

Marketing Assist

Marketing-AssistDBN Marketing Assist gives you everything needed to locally market your practice free! We offer a step by step marketing guidance, free website, free marketing materials template, online marketing assistance…the list goes on and on! If you choose to upgrade from a free account to a deluxe account you will enjoy even more marketing assistance including a deluxe website, insights into current marketing trends, additional marketing materials…and more!

Health Jobs

jobsActively looking for a job or looking to hire? DBN Health Jobs has you covered! Our Job board aggregates health related jobs from several well known online job sites internationally! So if you are looking for a position in the health industry in Washington DC or San Diego California Doctors Business Network Health Jobs is the place to look! And the best part is when you post on DBN directly its 100% free to DBN members!

Health News

newsLet DBN keep you up to date on the latest health and medical news around the world! DBN Health News aggregates 100s of news feeds to bring you the best up to date medical and health news as it happens! We have also included other categories of interest such as World News, Entertainment, Tech News to mention only a few. Choose to have DBN Health News send a “news alert update” daily, weekly or monthly via email and keep up to date simply and easily!