The Medical Practice Timeline


So you’re ready to open your own medical practice. Congratulations!

But how can you tell if you’re just ready in theory, or if you’re actually ready to admit your first patient or client?

The key to opening the doors to your very own practice is to determine a realistic timeline that will set you and your practice up for maximum success.

If possible, give yourself a minimum of 12 months to open your medical practice.

One year before you open, make sure you have all the proper medical training and certifications needed to practice independently. If you don’t, you’ll still have time to acquire additional certifications.

6 months before opening, you’ll need to:

Set up a corporation or LLC

Acquire a federal tax ID number

Begin the credentialing process

Start interviewing potential staff

5 months before opening, you should:

Choose a billing company

Choose an EMR program

Start looking for a facility to house your practice

4 months out, you should:

Hire a tax professional

Obtain malpractice insurance

3 months before opening, don’t forget to…

Rent office space

Have phone lines installed

2 months before opening, you will….

Apply for city permits if needed

Begin marketing your practice 1 month before opening, you’ll….

Turn on utilities

Hire and train staff

Get a credit card machine and merchant account

Create patient intake and followup forms

There is a lot to do before the grand opening of your practice. But with ample pre-planning at least one year in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to get all of your ducks in a row!

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