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Bing/Yahoo Marketing Management

Bing/Yahoo Marketing Management

Only $149 month!

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For a limited time, DBN partner Sync Online Media is offering Bing/Yahoo Management at the unbeatable discounted price of only $149 mo! Bing/Yahoo can be intimidating and even confusing. Sync Online Media makes it easy!

Call now at ​1-866-866-7215 or complete the form on this page for more information.

Yahoo Bing Marketing

The fastercheaper, most efficient way ​to manage your ​Bing Ads campaign!

✓  $149…​​​most affordable service ​available!

✓  Certified PPC Expert and more!

✓  20 years ad management experience.

✓  Managed in the USA! No offshore!

✓  Free ​Bing/Yahoo account review.

✓  Scalable ​service…we grow with you! *

✓  Flat-fee! No monthly % fee added.

✓  Full-service creative ​​​boutique ​agency.

✓  Professional/experienced ad copywriters.

✓  Dedicated ad manager PPC strategist.

Bing/Yahoo can be intimidating and even confusing. Sync Online Media advertising services reduce wasted ad spend maximize your ROI. Bing is a search engine which powers many other search modules including Yahoo. Bing is also a much more visial portal then Google and has a more vast advertising display network. Yahoo search is now powered by Bing and consists of lifestyle applications including news, shopping, travel, email, Tumblr, Flikr, fantasy sports, etc. The Bing/Yahoo advertising network allows you to drill down on your potential audience to a granular level allowing for highly targeted marketing.

Call now at ​1-866-866-7215 or complete the form on this page for more information.


About Sync Online Media

Sync Online Media will concept, create, implement and manage your marketing campaign using both new digital online media and/or traditional offline media. From Google Ads, Influencer Product Placement to Pay-Per-Click Management to Print Advertising…whatever your marketing needs, Sync has you covered!

Sync Online Media was established in 2010.  Sync Online Media is a creative marketing partner to our clients. We are experts in building brands and promoting product across all media channels. Our ability to seamlessly integrate online and offline communications in a compelling, unique and effective manner has given us recognition in the massive online community. Providing inspired ideas and compelling creative that empowers and optimizes market presence is our passion!

Utilizing the unique combination of our “traditional media” know-how and our “digital media” expertise, Sync Online Media delivers a strategic advantage to our clients marketing communications plan. If refining an individual product marketing mix or redefining/relaunching a brand, Sync Online Media can create and execute an effective integrated marketing communications strategy that will exceed your expectations.

Sync Online Media is an ingenious marketing partner to our clients striving for the common goal of success. Together we analyze, strategize, develop and grow new and existing businesses from the core out.

* Bing/Yahoo $149 scalable starter package details: allows up to $1500 per month ad spend (no monthly % add up to $1500); 5% fee additional for ad spend above $1500 (e.g., if ad spend is $1600 at end of month: $1600-$1500=$100*5%=$5 additional billed for that month); one campaign, up to four ad groups, three to five ads per ad group (at discretion of SOM); includes sale copy, does not include graphic design/video; initial contact is for six months, at which point rolls to monthly, day one, month seven; SOM can refuse, decline, cancel service at any time. Additional terms of service can be found here.