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Merchant Services – ACH Payments


In addition to accepting credit card payments at your medical practice, you may want to accept ACH payments as well. Many merchant services providers offer ACH as an option because these types of payments are more affordable and more convenient than paper checks and debit card transactions. On average, a paper check will cost your practice nearly $1.25 to process. There’s also the hassle of going to the bank, waiting to see if the check clears, and chasing after patients who write bad checks.

ACH processing eliminates all of these problems by automatically withdrawing funds from your patient’s checking account. Not only will the money clear faster – you’ll save nearly seventy-five cents on each and every ACH transaction. ACH is a great alternative to debit card payments as well. If your patient’s bill exceeds $20, it is more cost-effective to collect a payment via ACH. Your patients can complete ACH payments online and use the option to set up recurring payments with your office.

If ACH payments sound like a good option for your medical practice, be sure to choose a merchant services provider that offers ACH at a competitive rate.

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Author: doctors_sync