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How to Choose a Medical Legal Firm


There are four important things to consider when choosing a medical legal firm to represent your practice.

First, consider your level of comfort in dealing with a particular lawyer or legal team.

Make sure you meet in person to assess how comfortable you feel entrusting this particular individual or group with highly personal, sensitive information.

Do they seem genuinely interested in protecting you and your career?

Second, review the firm’s credentials. Make sure they have experience winning the kinds of cases that you may encounter given your medical specialty.

Also, make sure their client base includes practices that are similar to yours in size and scope.

The third thing to consider when choosing a medical legal firm is their location. Hopefully you’ll never be faced with a malpractice suit, but if you are, it’s important that their office is located somewhere close and convenient to you.

The fourth criteria for choosing a law firm is the cost. Cash flow is crucial to the success of your new practice, and you most likely don’t want to be burdened with a hefty monthly retainer. Choose a medical legal firm that’s willing to work within your budget.

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