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How to Find a Medical Management Firm


In order to find the right medical management firm for you practice, you must first decide what type of management firm is right for you.

Some medical management firms solely offer staffing services, while others advise on all aspects of operations, including planning, project management, finance, and contracts.

Once you have determined precisely what you need the management firm to do for you, you can begin the hunt for the perfect management team.

Look for a medical management firm that serves your type of practice. Some firms specialize in private practices, while other cater to group practices and larger businesses within the healthcare industry. Find a firm familiar with the needs of your business model.

Next, search for a medical management firm that is equipped to support business in your particular location. Many locally-based firms also serve practices in other parts of the country, so make sure the firm you’re interested in provides service in your area.

Narrow down your top three choices by conducting online research, reading customer reviews, and networking with fellow physicians to get referrals.

Contact each of your top three firms to set up a phone call or video chat. Be prepared with a list of questions about the services they provide, and ask them which of those services – from business planning and staffing to managed care and finance – would best help your practice to grow.

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