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Build Or Buy: In-House Medical Coding Vs. Outsourcing


What is the most cost-effective way to conduct medical coding in your healthcare practice?

Some doctors choose to hire an in-house medical coder, while others choose to outsource these services to a medical coding company.

Those who use in-house coders essentially ‘build’ a medical coding practice within their own healthcare practice.

Those who use outsourced coders essentially ‘buy’ a medical coding practice and use their services at-will.

Having an in-house medical coder gives you the advantage of proximity. When you need answers fast or something goes wrong, your coder is right there to help.

However, hiring an in-house medical coder can be extremely costly. Experienced medical coders are in-demand, and require high.

You may also have to pay unemployment taxes, worker’s compensation, disability coverage, health insurance, retirement benefits, and so on…

Outsourcing your medical coding, on the other hand, can cut these costs significantly.

Instead of paying thousands per month to hire a medical coder, your practice can pay a medical coding company per-service coded.

But saving money isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing the outsourced option. Since your medical coding staff will be off-site, swift, accurate communication is essential to the success of your medical coding.

Whether you build it or buy it, make sure your in-house medical coder or outsourced coding company has a proven track record of accuracy and success.

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