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Leasing Medical Equipment


Leasing medical equipment is a fantastic option for many new and growing medical practices.

Leasing allows you to instantly access the equipment and tools you need by paying a monthly rental fee for their ongoing use.

Many companies offer physicians equipment and tool rentals as well as the financing they need to obtain those rentals.

Some of the tools and equipment that can be leased include….



Chiropractic tools and equipment

Dental tools and equipment

Ultrasound machines

X-ray machines

Trucks, vans, and other vehicles

Optometry tools and equipment

Dermatology tools and equipment, and

Medical hardware and software

Whatever you need for your growing medical practice, chances are you can lease it for an affordable price.

Be sure to choose a leasing company that not only provides financing options, but will assist you with paperwork, planning, and other leasing incidentals.

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