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Private Practice vs Hospital


Today, more healthcare practitioners than ever before are working as employees in a hospital setting.

Working in a hospital provides a lot of benefits that cannot be found in private practice:

Salaries are virtually guaranteed

Physicians are not responsible for daily operations, administrative tasks, billing, or human resources.

Incomes can be significantly higher than what you might make in private practice.

So why doesn’t everyone work in a hospital setting?

Because private practice has its advantages too.

Policies are set by you, not by your employer.

Your income is based on how hard you work, not on what someone else decides to pay you.

You’re not measured or judged by hospital metrics and you don’t have to worry about constantly changing hospital technologies.

Keep in mind that a bigger, steadier paycheck comes with sacrifices, just as the freedom of private practices comes with its own set of challenges.

Only you can decide which type of practice is right for you.

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