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How to Find a Medical Bookkeeper


Finding a great medical bookkeeper for your new practice is a breeze when you ask for referrals, search on the right websites, and vet your applicant with reviews and testimonials.

Start by speaking with your colleagues and friends in the healthcare industry.

Find out who they use for their medical bookkeeping, and how happy they are with the service.

Be sure to seek referrals for physicians who run practices similar to yours in size, and those with similar budgets to yours.

If you’d like to outsource your medical bookkeeping to an individual or company, You can also post a job opening and find a medical bookkeeper by reviewing the submissions you receive and scheduling interviews from there.

Finally, the best way to find a great medical bookkeeper is to vet applicants during the hiring process.

Whether hiring through word of mouth or through a website, it’s crucial the applicant provide you with past and current client testimonials and reviews.

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