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How to Create a Draft of the Employee Handbook


Creating a great employee handbook sets the stage for thriving employee relationships within your medical practice.

While there are many areas that could and should be included in your employee handbook, here are a few of the most important:

The history of your practice and your personal business philosophy

Clear details about their “at will employment” status if employees are not hired under specific contracts

An overview of benefits offered to employees, including paid and unpaid sick days and holidays, leaves of absence, medical care, maternity leave, and other benefits –

Make sure the handbook clarifies what the employee needs to do in order to enroll in certain benefits such as medical coverage.

Your employee handbook can also include…

Payment schedules and policies

Expectations of job performance and job duties

Policies on tardiness and absenteeism

Sexual harassment policies

Expected work hours and overtime pay

Any dress code you may require, and

Your policies regarding phone and Internet use while at work.

In order to create a draft of your employee handbook, think first about what an ideal day might look like at your practice.

From there, build in the policies and procedures that will help create that ideal day, day after day.

If you need help, you can download a pre-formatted medical employee handbook online and fill in practice-specific information from there.

Finally, be sure to research and adhere to any state guidelines that may require certain inclusions and disclosures in your employee handbook.

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