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How to Find a Medical Collection Company


Finding a medical collection company is an integral part of maintaining a steady cash flow in your medical practice.

Without an experienced company serving as an extension of your billing department, you will waste hours of time hounding patients or insurance companies about unpaid bills.

Here is how to find a medical collection company that’s right for you:

Look for a company that specializes in serving practices of your size. If your practice is small and intimate, and you live in a small town where you frequently see your patients, sending a large, impersonal agency after them for payment may be overkill.

Reach out to colleagues, and even competitors, who run practices similar to yours. Ask for recommendations for a medical collection company whose collection process is in line with your practice’s vision.

Understand your relationships with patients and insurance providers. Some populations may require a softer touch when it comes to past due payments, while other may respond well to a more aggressive company.

When trying to find a medical collection company, look for one that shares your values and can serve as an extension of your practice when securing past due payments.

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