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Education is an important part of cultivating lasting relationships with your patients. In the Information Age, patients have more options than ever for obtaining information about their health, their medical insurance, and all of the areas that impact their relationship with you, their physician. In order to help your patients make informed decisions, you need to be available as a trusted educational resource in a variety of areas. Patient education brochures, web content, newsletters, and events should cover the following important areas:

  • Health insurance choices and policy changes
  • Nutritional education
  • Family safety education
  • Privacy policies …and more.

In order to decide what type of patient education program to offer, find out how your patients prefer to absorb information. Some populations may want live events, Q&A sessions, and one-on-one time with medical staff. Others may prefer to get educated on their own terms by reading your blog or email newsletter. Develop comprehensive patient education systems that address both learning styles, and see which one is more popular with your patients. From there, you can focus on what patients want most, and build an education program around their questions and concerns. Remember that patients have endless educational options when it comes to their health. If you don’t provide guidance and expertise, they are likely to seek out other sources that may provide misinformation. Finally, be sure to include patient education materials such as class schedules and upcoming events with your new patient intake forms.

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