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What is an NPI, difference NPI 1 VS 2?


Established in May of 2007 the NPI Registry is an administrative simplification mandate of HIPAA.

An NPI 1 (National Provider Identifier) is the number issued to a practitioner by NPPES NPI Registry. It is the unique number that identifies you the medical provider in a standard way and will be used in the course of your healthcare career.  One place you will need it is to be credentialed and paid by health insurance organizations. When applying for a job with a health organization they will request your NPI 1. They will use the NPI 1 number to reassign benefit so the organization can get paid while you work for them. You can also use your NPI 1 number to get paid if you choose to set up a sole practice and use your social security number.

An NPI 2 If you use  a different Tax ID other than your social security or start an own organization such as an LLC, S Corp etc…and would like the organization to get paid, you will need to create an NPI 2 which is for organizations.

To create either number you would go to (https://npiregistry.cms.hhs.gov/registry/help-api).

If you need assistance creating an NPI 1 or 2 you can get more information at:  (https://npiregistry.cms.hhs.gov/registry/help-api) or contact them at 800.465.3203.

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