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Merchant Services – Payment Gateway


In order to accept credit card payments from your patients, you medical practice needs what’s known as a payment gateway. This service is responsible for processing credit card transactions each time a patient makes a payment. Every time a patient pays with a credit card, whether it’s in your office, online, or after receivinga bill in the mail, your payment gateway steps up to the plate. Once the credit card information is entered into your billing system, that information is sent to your payment gateway.

The payment gateway collects relevant information such as the credit card number, name on the card, and billing address, and cross checks that information with the relevant credit card company. If this information matches, the payment gateway processes the credit card payment. From there, funds will be transferred from your patient’s card into your merchant account or business bank account.

Using a payment gateway will ensure the ease and accuracy of credit card transactions for your growing medical practice.

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